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Published:September 29th, 2012 14:24 EST

Video: Is Texas Being Invaded By Pink UFO's?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Andrea Dove contacted ABC News affiliate KLTV in East Texas with an interesting tip. Dove was using Google Maps to get directions to visit her aunt in Jacksonville, Texas, when she spotted a UFO while using the Street View option.


Don`t believe it? Try it yourself by simply searching Jacksonville, Texas, and panning upward toward the sky in Street View to spot the reddish UFO near the clouds - although no one in Jacksonville has ever reported seeing one."

ABC News

Google Street View has unearthed a lot of anomalies, has it now discovered a UFO?

Is Texas being invaded by a fleet of pink UFO`s hell-bent on the gayification of America? If the Lone Star State changes it state flag to the rainbow flag and its state mascot to Tinky Winky, we know that there`s something rotten in Denmark.

So far the pink UFO`s have only been seen on Google Street View; no one in Jacksonville has seen a pink UFO with their naked eyes.

If I lived in Texas I would be more concerned with the moron governor and the poor play of the Dallas Cowboys than about UFO`s.

What in the world in going on in Texas? Check it out on Google Earth or watch the video below:

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Photo Credit: (generic UFO, not a pink one)

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