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Published:September 30th, 2012 21:01 EST

Botched Call During Monday Night NFL Football Key Factor in Solving Labor Disputes

By Ron G Anselm

I don`t know about you but throughout my sports career which includes watching the thousands and thousands of games in every sport or playing in games and seeing a call by a referee or umpire that leaves you saying to yourself, What in the world were they thinking when they made that call!  Is more irritating to me than having a mosquito buzz around my head on a summer evening.

I think I can speak for the many NFL fans out there including myself that watched the beginning of this season start off with botched calls that pissed off Head coaches, players and of course fans almost turned into a disaster season. If you watch Monday Night football and are a Packers fan then you are probably still brewing mad about the botched call that cost your beloved Packers the game. That play which was shown every night after it occurred on the news proved to be the key play that turned  the labor dispute around between the NFL and the regular season referees.

I am not going to say that I agree with the regular season referees walking out because that pisses me off! Any time a player or a referee cries because they want more money, benefits etc. makes me madder than a hungry tiger getting their food messed with at supper time. These referees make more money than you or I ever will working for the man and the referees only work on a part-time basis during the regular season of the NFL.

If you didn`t see the botched call by the replacement referees last Monday Night football let`s just say the call made by the one official was worse than or should I say one of the worst calls I have ever seen made in football but I can`t just blame that one official because the call went to review and the official in the review booth also missed overturning the call so I guess it was an all-around bad team effort by the officiating crew of that game. The official that made the bad call had only been a football referee in high school games and I believe a few college games which will not work at the level of being an NFL referee. The games move faster at the professional level than any high school or college game. The play was clearly an interception made by the Packers safety but instead gave the Seahawks the win by being called a touchdown.

On Saturday the NFL Referees voted and approved a new eight-year deal with the NFL. The vote was unanimous of 112-5 that officially ended the lockout by the NFL. I guess if you love NFL football as much as I do then you are happy this season can finally hopefully get back to normal. Even politicians and President Obama and Mitt Romney were heard complaining about a lot of the bad calls made by the replacement referees not just the bad call made on Monday Night football.

The sweet deal that the regular referees got consists of their salaries to increase from a whopping $149,000 a year to $173,000 a year by 2013 and then increase to $205,000 by 2019 (I think I will apply to be an NFL Referee) they will also retain their current pension plan until 2016 or until a referee gets twenty-years of service.

Again, like we see so many cry baby players that whine about needing to make more money (they are already making millions of dollars but need to make that extra ten million more) come on Man! You don`t have enough houses or luxury sports cars? You have to make that extra ten million more! It makes me mad because we the fans that pay these players and referee salaries suffer not them when they walk out or boycott the game! Without us the fans; these players or referees would not have a job! And I am not talking about all the players or referees in the game today a lot of the players and referees are in the game for the love of the game not just for the money.

I think the fans should boycott the games and say the some of the players and referees (not all the players and referees) make too much money that we want a cut of the bucks or we won`t go to any more games, Year right! Like that will happen.

There is also a new stipulation in the new contract signed by the NFL`s regular officiating crew that will give the officials the right to work full-time or yea-round by 2013. Not sure what a full-time or year-round referee will be doing during the off season but o.k.

"It`s all history now," head linesman Tom Stabile said Friday. "For us, it was a benefit. It may have been the straw that broke the camel`s back." (Stabile, T.) And this is good because the referees are like Managers in a regular job they have to keep control of their direct reports like referees have to with any game and with the inexperience of the replacement referees the control of the game was starting to diminish and the players were starting to take advantage of the games and situation.

Line Judge Jeff Bergman commented on the botched Monday Night football play by saying, "The last play of the game was something that was going to happen sooner or later. It gave us and the league an opportunity to get together and hammer out a deal that was going to get hammered out anyway." (Bergman, J.) So, I guess it is the same principle has something really bad has to happen first before anyone will listen.

Referee Ed Hochuli who took the lead on training and the many conference calls in trying to keep the replacement referees sharp and on top of trying to make the right calls did not comment on whether the botched Monday Night football call was the right call or not but rather commented on it by saying, "You really don`t want to see that. You don`t want to see the controversy. You don`t want to see teams lose games that they shouldn`t have lost, if indeed that`s what happened. We`re not making a judgment on that." (Hochuli, E.)

Right now, the regular referees who are at the moment scrambling faster that O.J. Simpson did on the old Avis Rent a Car commercial at the airport to catch their flights and try to make it to all the cities each NFL game this week is being played at which at this very moment will take place in a few minutes with the batch of the first scheduled NFL games today will also have to win back the fans especially in Green Bay. Gene Steratore, who will head to Green Bay for Sunday`s game, one week after Packers players ripped the replacements over Monday`s disputed touchdown commented by saying, After the euphoria of the moment wears off, probably sometime early in the second quarter, it`ll be back to regular NFL football mode. Players will be questioning our judgment, our ancestry. Coaches will be screaming at us. And it`ll be life as back to normal on Sundays." (Steratore, G.)

So, for now life being an NFL fan is back to normal. Uhhhh! hopefully but if not we can always savor the memories of some of the past Games in the NFL where the referee did make the right call and us the fans didn`t feel one bit cheated with our team coming out with the win.


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