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Published:September 30th, 2012 10:34 EST
Brain Sayers the new "Lord of War"...

Brain Sayers the new "Lord of War"...

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.


Brain Sayers the new "Lord of War"


A few days ago I got invited by and American and Ukrainian to attend a Security Trade Show in Kiev, Ukraine. This type of trade show is not the type of Gun Show that my friends and I love to visit in Kentucky to look at hunting rifles, antique guns and knives.


This type of show is more for those that hunt and destroy Army`s. I declined to attend the show.


However, one could not think of visiting such a show without the thoughts of the Civil War in Syria and our park side chat begin to stray into the World of International Arms Dealers. We had no doubt that there would be such people eagerly and paranoid walking up and down the trade show isles looking at the "Demonic Devices" as Diplomacy is debated all seeking to be the newest "Lord of War" like the Nicholas Cage movies portrayal of Yuri Orlov (AKA) the allegedly Ukrainian born arms dealer Vikor Bout. Our Ukrainian friend claimed to know such people, and stated what we already know is that those type of people care about nothing but money.


Yet, one has to wonder if perhaps they started out with some sort of conscious or cause, but eventually turned cold, or are they the instruments of failed Diplomacy?  


I being more of a Diplomatic Analyst always looking to prevent conflict than to participate in one . Yet, have found myself involved in a number of War/Crises Management situations in the past, in Panama, the 1st Gulf war in Iraq, in Somalia, the initial stages of Bosnia demanding and entry and exit strategy, and more recently suggesting Humanitarian Intervention " and a Divide Libya Policy " that I felt would prevent Civil Conflict in Libya.


I do not like war and certainly do not see myself as a "Weapons Dealer" without a conscious; yet, one has to question one`s self from time to time, and ponder if one felt strongly enough would he become such a person?


Lucky for me I do not have to answer that question, for there is someone out there now taking the lead in Syria by the name of Brian Sayers.


Yesterday, while getting my daily news junky fix of all the issues around the World, as well as the many Diplomatic Discussions at the United Nations. An interesting change to the daily death and destruction in Syria is that the civil conflict has now reached the capital Damascus. Then quite unexpectedly, CNN International reported that the United States has authorized an American based group to provide financial assistance and provide more weaponry to the Syrian resistance.


Brian Sayers, of the Syrian Support Group, claims to have obtained a waiver from the United States Treasury Department Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) last week; however, the document is no longer at the link identified above.


Brian Sayers made a number of claims and like most of us got tired of watching kids become casualties of war. In addition to financial support, which he intends to use to purchase and supply weapons he also conducts Google Earth type battle reports and shares with the "Free Syrian Army."


Sayers, of the Washington, D.C. area is not lacking in experience. Among his claims is that of working with NATO operations in Brussels before seeking to help the Syrian Support Group in Washington.

Sayers also stated that he requires his FSA military command to sign onto the Geneva Conventions "Laws of War " as well as other commitment to democracy and the freedoms that come with it.


Mr. Sayers, I plan to drop you an email at to thank him for his service; while, pondering why Diplomacy failed to prevent the Civil War in Syria, and ponder why my Diplomatic Delegation " suggestions to Susan Rice (The United States Ambassador to the United Nations) was not taken and now we have to watch death and destruction daily on our Television sets, read about it in the news and hear about it the streets.   


Thank you, and may God Bless us all


Harvey Carroll, Jr.