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Published:October 1st, 2012 10:19 EST

Teen Suicide: For Cade

By Ed Roberts

For Cade


I wish I could have met you


Had a chance to sit down with you

And talk


There are so many things

I could have asked you

So many stories

I could have shared with you


I could have read you a poem

5 Single Words

Told you about one of the darkest

And brightest days of my life


I could have told you

No matter how bad things seem

No matter the reason you came to your conclusion

There is always hope

There is always a tomorrow

There are always those who love you

Who would die for you

No matter how hard it is to see

They are always there


I sit here crying right now

Wishing with all my heart

That somehow

I could have met you yesterday

Even though

Deep down I know

Not even tears

Can turn back the hands of time


All I can do


Is sit here typing on a computer

Trying to see the keys through falling teardrops

And pray

Pray that somehow someone in the future

Facing the same situation you were facing

Finds these few words

And maybe


I can spend the day

With them


Ed Roberts 9/26/12


There are some wounds the heart and soul can never fully heal

All that we can pray for

Is that love

And time

They can at least mend