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Published:October 2nd, 2012 07:53 EST
Chloie Leverette and Gage Daniel Vanish at Scene of A Raging, Suspicious Fire!

Chloie Leverette and Gage Daniel Vanish at Scene of A Raging, Suspicious Fire!

By John G. Kays

A tremendously hot burning fire broke out at a farm home (in Unionville, Tennessee) on Sunday, September 23rd! The elderly couple who lived there perished; they are 72-year-old Leon "Bubba" McClaran and his wife, Molli McClaran (Molli was 70). The cause of the fire is unknown at this time, but it was reported by HLN last night that a good number of propane tanks were in the basement at time the fire started (either intentionally or as a result of an accident of some kind). 

News footage of the scorching orange flames give you a good idea of just how intense this blaze got! And we hear firefighters had some trouble getting enough water to the scene of the fire, since Unionville is out there in the country, about 50 miles southwest of Nashville. I took a good look at a map of Tennessee, and got a sense of what they were up against 9 days ago. Another thing I ought to mention (before I get at the heart of this mysterious fire), is that the massive blaze didn`t begin until 9:30 PM that Sunday night. (A source of puzzlement in its own right!)

Well, I better mention right now, two grandkids of the McClaran`s are missing. They are 9-year-old Chloie Leverette and 7-year-old Gage Daniel, who is Chloie`s half-brother (they have the same mother, Cheryl Leverette, but different fathers). The situation with the missing children`s parents is of the utmost importance (as far as what may have happened to them), and yet not much clarification has been provided by the press heretofore. No doubt, the big scoop is in the works!

Well, we do know Gage`s father, Christopher Daniel, has spoken with the media. And we hear that Cheryl Leverette is cooperating with TBI (and presumably, other local law enforcement) in their search for answers as to what became of these children. The Jackson Sun dropped a tidbit of info, namely that Chloie`s father is deceased. His name and when or how he died has not been disclosed so far. Family, neighbors, and law enforcement assumed the children perished in the fire, but no remains have been found.

So, once again I return to aerial photographs of this burned down farm house; this place was gutted! Nothing but cinders remain; I suspect foul play, arson must have occurred. We`ll have to leave the investigation to the experts who`ll be sifting through the ash and rubble with a fine tooth comb, in search of accelerants that could have ignited the blaze. Chloie and Gage were seen at the house at 6:30 PM, just 3 hours before the fire. Forensic specialists emphasize, if they died in the fire, remains (such as bones or teeth) would be present on the scene, and yet nothing.

Were they kidnapped before the same party or parties set the house ablaze? There is a great possibility of this! No other explanation has been put forth that`s a fit with the available evidence. Could the two children have fled the scene of the fire on their own accord? The probability of this scenario is remote, unlikely (in my mind). And if they were kidnapped, was it done by family members? That`s surely a loaded question! 

So, why were the children living with Bubba and Molli? To put it another way, why weren`t they living with their mother, Cheryl Leverette? We`ll probably get answers to this fairly soon. One source has dropped that the parents have extensive criminal records, but this hasn`t been confirmed or made official at the time of my report. Still, the way in which all of this is playing out in the news is indeed strange! I sense someone wasn`t too fond of Bubba and Molli, and their taking the bull by the horns (in rearing the two kids).

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