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Published:October 2nd, 2012 12:42 EST
Joan Brock, Speaker/Author Debuts New Book, Come to Your Senses!

Joan Brock, Speaker/Author Debuts New Book, Come to Your Senses!

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Announcing the release of Joan Brock`s new book!


An inspiring guide for using all of your senses.


Joan is like the ultimate life astronaut in her unique view of the world with its beauty and challenges. " Yes, she gets above it all and shares her findings.

~Lawrence L. Grypp, President, Goering Center for Family and Private Business at the University of Cincinnati

Joan`s words are as inspiring as her life. You will love this book! "

~Dewitt Jones, keynote speaker / National Geographic Photographer


This book will inspire you to "

* Evaluate your own insights to be able to put life in its proper perspective, thus heading you in a positive, productive direction

* Give you food for thought from the perspective of a woman who has been to the depths of loss and has crawled back up from those valleys of despair


Joan Brock has taught me how to really see things " through her eyes. She is one amazing lady. " ~LaDonna Gatlin, Speaker / Author


From the sense of sight, to the sense of peace " from the sense of humor to the sense of loss, learning to use all of your senses will assist you in getting through the toughest stuff you`ll ever face.

This is a great gift idea, so, to order the book you can:

* For a personalized copy, you can use the attached order form, or go to Joan`s web site listed below

* The book is available in print and in all eReaders through as well as

* Ask for it wherever books are sold in your area

* To read the Foreword, written by Michael Bremer, Executive Producer of More Than Meets the Eye: the Joan Brock Story, go to Joan`s BLOG located on her web site



Joan Brock, Speaker/Author

Learn about my new book, Come to Your Senses! at

Inspirational Speaker on Courage, Perseverance & Acceptance
Topics include Inspiration, Motivation, Dealing With Change, Overcoming Adversity, Organization, Women`s Issues "and all of it laced with humor!

Autobiography " More Than Meets the Eye " " originally published by Harper Collins & Produced as a movie by Lifetime Networks