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Published:October 3rd, 2012 12:17 EST
Practical Solutions are Hard to Come by . . . Until Now

Practical Solutions are Hard to Come by . . . Until Now

By SOP newswire2


The statistics ring out loud and clear. Pastors are leaving the ministry in droves. Members are also dropping out of congregational life faster then new members are joining. Why? Because of the deep pain conflict causes in settings that are supposed to be characterized by love, but are not. The emotional toll conflict inflicts has become like a repellant that increasingly keeps people away from what used to be a source of comfort and hope.

The real issue, however, is not the fact that there are disagreements. The real issue is the failure to transform conflict into an outcome that people can readily accept.

From this moment forward, that can all change! Conflict incompetency can become conflict competency in any church presently experiencing tensions. You can handle the conflict your church is experiencing in an effective, fair fashion. Don`t be managed by the conflict. Manage it! Take control of the situation. Act decisively, yet with wisdom.

Church conflict resolution specialist and author, Dr. Ken Newberger, has put his entire step-by-step peacemaking process online. Leaders simply need to select one in-house peacemaker (based on provided criteria) who will follow the process. Instantaneously, the trajectory of your church`s conflict can be reoriented for the better.

And the cost? Only $295. This includes providing the appointed peacemaker forty-five minutes of personalized consultation with Dr. Newberger by phone.

To learn more, go to

Buck national trends in your congregation. Let everyone, both inside and outside the church observe that even in the midst of conflict you are still defined by love, to the glory of God!

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