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Published:October 4th, 2012 12:59 EST
A Page From My Diary

A Page From My Diary

By Syed Talal Hassan Bukhari

Stepping down from the plane, I held on for a few  seconds and took a deep breath of the air from your country. I took a glance at the sun that was shining just like inside my soul. I am in your country. After following procedures, I left the airport for the place where I knew you would be. In no time I reached the place and there were many people sitting, some talking and some silent. I quickly searched for you, you were not there. I got upstairs and looked for you but no one was there, you were not around. I came back. I gave this address to my driver and said let`s go here. Suddenly, I heard a blast! Oh! I got shocked and jumped from my bed!

I think I saw a dream again. My body is shaking and I am dripped in sweat. OH NO, OH NO, I was about to get you, I needed to search a little more.  I needed a little more time and I would be seeing you, smiling and your arms opened up for me. OH NO, it happened again. Many times I traveled in a train, and when train started moving slowly, I saw a face, OH it was you, standing at the platform, I ran but the doors were closed and the train speeded up. But this time I thanked God that it was just a dream.

Driving in the middle of the busiest town, I often don`t hear horns and neglect caution because I keep watching your face, smiling, and I always want you to say something, that fills my heart and soul. I know you would, but to wait is a pain. Have you looked at the people, how they look at me, what do they think of me, I always laugh and maybe you do too.

Traveling on smooth roads, I admire the luck of the uneven paths that have your footprints, breathing in pure air. I recall the air that touched your existence. Who knows what the value is of the things associated with you. I am a successful professional, I got all things in my life that an ordinary man desires. I got you, yes that is true. I have a busy routine, I have public relations, but YOU are everywhere among all these routine things. YOU are everywhere.

I know we have to do a lot to get together again, but I tell you, when you will be here again, you will know who you are. Yes, I keep talking about one thing again and again, I tried to overcome this, and when you will come, I will get over this, I will tell you the cost of doing this, but not here and now. Writing you with great love. I finished my last line and folded the paper to fit it into the envelope. Hope this letter will get to you in the best of your health and wealth!

Twists Twists and Twists, yes life is made of this and made for this. See this lady entering the garden as the sun rises, she smiles and it reaches the top, she prays and clouds come, she opens up her arms and it rains, round and round circling around, yes its you. I know I can make a million of such kind of visual graphics for you. Hope you will like this one too.

I glanced at all of this that I wrote just before tearing this page out from my diary.