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Published:October 4th, 2012 10:19 EST

Mitt Romney Annihilates Barack Obama In First Debate!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Last night I was prepared to witness the charismatic, cool, and eloquent President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, make mincemeat out of the socially awkward and out-of-touch Republican challenger Mitt Romney.


Before the first verbal exchange between the combatants, I was already mentally prepared to write an article arguing that even though Obama dominated the debate, that the race wasn`t over.

The GOP nominee came into the evening desperately needing to shake up the narrative of the race, but I was convinced he would only succeed in shaking in his knees in his faceoff with the Great Orator.

Do you believe in miracles? Dear God in heaven above do you believe in miracles? Throughout the 90-minute debate in Denver, Romney aggressively but politely questioned the president`s record while defending his own policies. Where have they been hiding this fearless, bold and articulate Mitt Romney? Romney didn`t even have to pull a zinger from his quiver, he demolished Obama with his gentle humor, forceful rhetoric, and commanding stage presence.

This was the best performance in the history of presidential debates, Romney felt free to interrupt the president and to ignore the hapless moderator.

In starling contrast to Romney`s energetic performance Obama looked defeated, dejected and depressed. Romney looked straight at Obama while he was speaking, and Obama looked down, giving everyone the impression that the challenger was lecturing the president.

At the end of a debate, regardless how poor a candidate performs, both sides claim a clear and emphatic victory. Not this time, there was no tingle going up Chris Matthews` leg, and there were no claims of victory emanating from Obama`s supporters. When the likes of Michael Moore and Chris Matthews pan your performance, you know you had the worst debate performance of all time.

Obama`s supporters better pray that Michelle won`t divorce him, that his campaign manager won`t quit, and that he will cram like hell for the next debate.

Forgive me but I must resort to street parlance to adequately describe this debate: Mitt Romney made Obama his (rhymes with witch.)

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