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Published:October 4th, 2012 07:33 EST
Smart Phones Bring Jesus to People`s Lives

Smart Phones Bring Jesus to People`s Lives

By SOP newswire


New apps for smart phones arrive daily - some by the hour - to bring fun games, traveling tools, and convenient tips. But Jesus Film Media has brought a new kind of app to share the gospel through videos in over 1,100 languages directly on your device. 

The JESUS Film Project introduces JESUS Film Media, a free app providing anyone with an Android or iOS device access to the complete library of The JESUS Film Project - some 66,000 video clips. 

"Film provides a way to casually engage in conversation about spiritual topics. We hope the app will spark spiritual conversations and connect more people with the life-changing message of Jesus," said Erick Schenkel, executive director of The JESUS Film Project. 

With access anywhere, anytime, the Jesus Film Media app allows users to instantly view or share a film clip with anyone. By eliminating barriers like language, literacy, electricity and more, JESUS and the entire library of Jesus Film resources can be shared without hassle. 

Through the app, users can view the 2-hour original film, JESUS, with 61 teaching segments, in more than 1,150 languages; Magdalena, The Story of Jesus and My Last Day, all subsequent films about Jesus` life and death; and the entire Global Short Film Network library, subtitled in 8 languages - all readily available to help share the gospel. 

The corresponding website, allows all users to have the usability of the app and to interact and share tips and advice on how to best use the Jesus Film Media resources digitally and share the gospel. Both the app and website are social enabled, so people can share the films via Facebook, Twitter, blogs, email, etc. 

Download the Jesus Film Media app now by going to on your smartphone or search "Jesus Film Media" in the app store. The Android app will be available soon. For more information, visit

The JESUS Film Project exists to glorify God by providing people of every nation with the opportunity to learn about Jesus in their own language through film. For more information on The JESUS Film Project, visit