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Published:October 4th, 2012 11:12 EST

Update On Pooch Who Was Stuck In Grill Of Moving Car

By Robert Paul Reyes

Animal control officers in Rhode Island say a dog who survived an 11-mile ride while stuck in the grill of a car has been reunited with her owners.

The East Providence Animal Control Center said the small white dog, whose name was revealed to be Suzie, was reunited with its owners Tuesday after the center went public with the story of how she was struck by a car in Taunton, Mass., and traveled 11 miles to East Providence while stuck in the car`s grill.



Yesterday I wrote an article about this pooch who survived the harrowing ordeal of being stuck in the grill of a moving car:

Usually when a dog or a cat is hit by a vehicle, the story ends in tragedy. But this lucky dog not only survived his encounter with the car, but she was reunited with her loving family.

When this story hit the Internet, hundreds of people contacted the East Providence Animal Control Center, begging to adopt the adorable pooch.

When the canine`s owners saw the news, they immediately contacted the animal shelter. They were able to prove that they were the real owners because they had vet bills and a microchip number matching the poodle`s information.

Microchip your pooch or cat!

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