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Published:October 7th, 2012 12:42 EST

Video! Outrage! High School Cheerleaders Hold Up Banners With Bible Verses!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Cheerleaders in a small East Texas town that worships two things -- God and football -- are now fighting back after the Bible verses they painted on banners to display at games were banned.


The cheerleading squad at Kountze High School, just north of Beaumont, Texas, would show their support for the team, and also display their religious beliefs, by painting Bible verses on the banners players run through before every game."


Cheerleaders, football, and religion are a combustible mix, and nobody is surprised at the fireworks that have erupted over this controversy.

The cheerleaders claim they only want to encourage the football players with their religious banners. Hmm, I`m sure their short skirts will encourage them a hell of a lot more than a banner with Bible verses.

Cheerleaders are supposed to hold up pom poms, not religious banners. How dare they proselytize at a public school, obviously these bimbos weren`t paying attention in class when the sacred doctrine of the separation of church and state was discussed.

I wonder how the evangelicals who are supporting the right of the cheerleaders to hold up banners with Bible verses would feel if the girls instead were holding a banner that read "Allah Akbar?"

Of course we know how the hypocrites would react, their panties would be in a twist, and they would be calling the cheerleaders everything but children of God.

School superintendent, Kevin Weldon, forced the cheerleaders to stop using their religious banners, but a judge has temporarily allowed the girls to continue their ungodly and unconstitutional practice.

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