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Published:October 8th, 2012 17:41 EST
Elderly America Listen to What Romney is Saying

Elderly America Listen to What Romney is Saying

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

Old White Folks need to turn up their hearing aid and listen to what Romney and Ryan are really saying, and how it affects their Golden Years.  They need to realize that they make up the majority of the 47% of the Government Dependents that Romney was referring too."

Well, President Obama lost the first debate with Romney, which basically started the debate with, "Are you better off today than you were four years ago?" Romney of course did not give account to just how bad the Bush economy affected the long-term economic situation of America and the World. Now all the "Old White Folks" that loved seeing President Obama loose the 1st Presidential Debate will now have to deal with the facts that the Romney/Ryan plan would cut their end of life care and allow those same folks to dwindle and die.

Now, that would be a real thanks for a Romney/Ryan vote.

To add insult to injury the Romney/Ryan plan would most likely give those funds to the Defense Department and allow them to continue the squandering of American Tax Dollars abroad on their special interest supporters with Big Government No Bid Contracts. The Bush Administration was one of the most corrupt Governmental Administrations in history, that catered to Americas Common Defense, without Commonsense.

A total lack of entry and exit strategy in two wars and avoided sound strategic defense policies that would have made America safer and maintained economic stability as well as economic and political stability within the Middle East and made the region much safer for Israel.

I have earned the right to make such comments, as I know a lot about strategic interest having dealt with Presidential Advisement`s on Middle Eastern Policy. In fact, I assisted in organizing and planning of the 1st Gulf War that saved millions of lives and positively affected the fate of nations.

I ask that these "Old White Folks" turn up their hearing-aid and give a good listen to what Romney is really saying and realize that they make up the largest majority of the 47% of the American moochers that Romney was talking about.

The facts are that the Baby-boomers are retiring and they represent a 50 Trillion Dollar long term Entitlement bottleneck. These old people have paid their dues, and earned the right to those Entitlement Health Care/End of Life Care Funds much more so than a Wall Street Banker, which invested many of their pension funds in bad deals during the Bush War-Time Economy, lost their money, but still took bonuses for their bad judgments, "We might also look at Bain Capital and how many of their commercial investments were also pension and other fund losers."

Thank you,

Harvey Carroll, Jr.

PS: President Obama`s focus on Health Care Reform to look out for the elderly and secure their long-term rights to their Golden Year Entitlement Funds is now demonized as Obama Care that should be overturned by the Romney/Ryan Go-Back-Team. "Wow, we are so easily sold on BS over Public Business"