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Published:October 8th, 2012 19:12 EST

Pop Tart JWoww Reveals She Will Get Married In Las Vegas

By Robert Paul Reyes

"JWoww revealed that she hasn`t really started planning for her upcoming nuptials, but she has made one big decision: she wants a Sin City wedding.

`I do know I want a wedding in Vegas, but I want like my whole wedding there so I want 500 people to go to Vegas,` JWoww said.


` And I want like the shows and the pools and all the craziness in Vegas incorporated and that`s as far as I got. So I don`t know where I don`t know when I just know I want to fly 500 people to Vegas.`"


The typical show biz marriage lasts about 500 days, if JWoww had a lick of sense she would keep her wedding plans very simple.

Instead of flying about 500 of her lame friends to Vegas, she should invite only a few, and get married in a Vegas chapel.

But I do give her credit for realizing that the glitz and faux glamour of Sin City is the best place for someone of her ilk to tie the knot.

What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas; I hope JWoww doesn`t film her wedding and show off the footage on her reality show.

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