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Published:October 8th, 2012 14:38 EST
The Greatest Threat to American Freedom

The Greatest Threat to American Freedom

By SOP newswire2

Russian leader Vladimir Lenin used the term, `useful idiots` to describe Soviet sympathizers in Western countries. The term implies that those who naïvely sympathize with Socialist ideology are actually held in contempt and cynically used by the very leftist elite whose ideas they follow.

Best selling author, Dr. James B. Richards, knows that the greatest threat to America`s freedom comes from within. His wake up call to Christians, America`s Greatest Threat comes just one month from the presidential election. Richards hopes it`s not too late for this FREE e-book to reach the 30 million Christians who can turn the tide of this country`s political future.

America`s Greatest Threat is a clear, concise explanation of the real, foundational issues at stake in this election and a clear call to action to Christians and anyone else who believes in preserving the ideals this country was founded upon.

Next month, America may very well make the decision of its life, and Christians can, if they`re willing, turn the tide of where our country is headed. Christians can change the fate of the nation. Richards tells Americans:

"According to a recent article, Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election by 10 million votes. According to the same article 30 million evangelical Christians did not vote in that election. We could have been the deciding factor but we weren`t! We stood on the sidelines! If we do that again, we will lose our country and our freedoms."

Hot topics include:

  • Every time you support passing a law that violates God`s Word you are voting to move away from God

  • A weak church, a corrupt government, special interest groups and A GROSS LACK OF AWARENESS has led to our loss of God-given rights provided in the Constitution.

  • If you vote for your party above God`s clearly expressed values, you have denied the faith. If you are a Republican or Democrat before being a disciple of Jesus you are the problem!
America`s Greatest Threat is available in PDF, Kindle, and Epub formats. Please forward this free e-book to every believer, pastor and politician you know. Do it now! We must have rational Bible-based, constitutionally committed, thinking people voting for a free America!

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