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Published:October 9th, 2012 13:39 EST

America Loves Honey Boo Boo Child & Hates Rosie O'Donnell

By Robert Paul Reyes

"I`d love to meet Honey Boo Boo`s family and buy them a house."

Rosie O`Donnell

In her first incarnation as a talk show host in the late 1990`s Rosie O`Donnell enjoyed critical success, winning several Emmy awards, and earning the title "The Queen of Nice."


But in her stint on the "The View" in the late 2000`s Rosie showed her true colors, and she became one of the most hated celebs in Hollywood.

Last year O`Donnell tried to make a comeback as a talk show host on Oprah Winfrey`s cable network, and she failed miserably.

Loving on Honey Boo Boo Child is O`Donnell`s last desperate attempt to ingratiate herself with the American public, but it`s too little too late.

O`Donnell is despised by her colleagues, the press and regular folks, she would be well-advised to melt into the background.

Honey Boo Boo Child made America fall in love with her and her dysfunctional redneck clan, but she`s not a miracle worker, and she will never make us cozy up to the likes of Rosie O`Donnell.

Rosie, stop glomming onto the biggest star in the world, Boo Boo`s magic isn`t going to rub off on you.

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