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Published:October 9th, 2012 15:08 EST

Old Couple Tend Giant Pot Plant! Claim They Didn't Know It Was Weed! Yeah, Right!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police in Britain said an elderly couple unwittingly tended the "biggest cannabis plant we had seen` after buying the plant at a flea market.

Investigators said officers spotted the plant outside of a Bedford, England, home and the elderly couple told them they had purchased the plant at a flea market, not knowing it was a marijuana plant, the BBC reported Tuesday."



Old folks can get away with murder, this elderly couple not only tended, but I bet they harvested the cannabis plant.

The clueless cops blindly accepted their claim that they had no idea it was a pot plant. I bet Doritos bags littered their front lawn, and I`m sure there was an "art piece" on their coffee table that looked suspiciously like a bong.

The cops confiscated the giant pot plant, and they didn`t charge the elderly couple with any crime.

My guess is that one of the cops planted the cannabis plant in his backyard. I can`t wait until I`m an old coot, so I can get away with all kinds of crazy stuff.

"Officer, I had no idea the dear young lady was a prostitute. I picked her up so I could take her to church with me."

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