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Published:October 10th, 2012 15:10 EST
Free DVDs Show Miraculous Healing of AIDS and Leprosy

Free DVDs Show Miraculous Healing of AIDS and Leprosy

By SOP newswire


Announcing Free DVD`s for all U.S. Pastors of the irrefutable evidence that HIV AIDS is being healed and lepers are being cleansed. These HIV AIDS healing miracles are verified and certified by our very own Atlanta, Georgia based Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and a myriad of medical doctors. In addition, the drama continues as the lepers are being cleansed today in biblical fashion the likes of which planet earth and the church have not witnessed since Jesus walked among us 2000 years ago! 

Developing story and testimony here. 

Truly, the LORD`s well documented Great End Time Revival of Joel 2:28 is occurring right now, and as a United States pastor I witnessed these miracles first hand, with nearly 3 million other saints at the Kakamega, Kenya Revival, September 2012. See the DvD`s that are certain to awaken and stir you and your congregation (Ezekiel 37:4-14) to the mighty power of God, His Righteousness, His Holiness, and what the mighty Holy Spirit is doing today. 

All of these life changing DvD`s are offered free with no cost, no obligation, no contribution, no `love offering,` no catch, no foolin`! 

Please don`t be left behind like Noah`s generation! 

Simply include name and mailing address, or church name if ordering for your pastor. 

Free by phone:
Maryland Altar
Pastor Louis Lupo

Free online orders here  

Free by email:  

Prepare the way for the Coming of the Messiah!