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Published:October 11th, 2012 13:54 EST
Bill Keller Hates Romney

Bill Keller Hates Romney

By SOP newswire2

      Over 1 Million Signed Up to Say No to Obama...and No to

Keller spews hatred and lies about 6 million of his felliw Americans who are his neighbors, doctors, dentists, optometrists, school teachers, farmers, carpenters, letter carriers, attorneys, engineers, professional athletes, entertainers (uncluding Gladys Knight and the Osmonds), scientists and business leaders.

The communuties of the West where Mormons are most highly concentrated.have fewer social pathologies than anyplace else in the country. Mormons have been cerified by the University of Pennsylvania to be the.most generous of any denomination, even when measuring their donation of time and wealth to causes outside their church.

Mormon dominated cities rank highest in the nation for quality of life for families. Keller believes in the big lie, not Jesus.

Ray Swenson

It is really sad that Bill Keller is going to help assure the re-election of Barack Obama by asking a million Christians to throw away their vote by voting for Jesus, who is not running for the office and would not serve if elected.

Tom Johnson