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Published:October 11th, 2012 10:57 EST

Shocking Photo: Sarah Palin Looks Like A Crackhead On Her Deathbed

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The image that surfaced yesterday was shocking. A celebrity walking across a Kmart parking lot in L.A. snapped by the paparazzi. She was wearing trendy layered T-shirts, tight jeans, and platforms higher than Lindsay Lohan at a glue-sniffing convention. Her hair was done, her lips were glossed, her sunglasses were on. All the tabloids were talking about her outfit and just how skinny she looks. Look at how much weight she`s lost! Maybe there`s an endorsement deal in her future? But this wasn`t a pop star with a ridiculous YouTube video or a starlet with a new show coming out on the CW any minute now. This was Sarah Palin, a woman who just four years ago ran to be Vice President of the United States of America."


Brian Moylan

It warms my cockles to read Moylan`s over-the-top prose, thank goodness there`s another writer who skewers celebs without mincing any words.

To employ nuance and restraint when writing about Sarah Palin makes as much sense as breaking out a thesaurus to pen an article about the musical complexities of an illiterate skank like Nicki Minaj.

If Sarah Palin`s conservative political beliefs were the most important thing in her life, her family would have followed her example and ran for political office. But Palin has always been blinded by the bright lights of Hollywood, and her husband and her daughter Bristol, have followed in her footsteps, and they have sought out careers in reality TV.

Moylan is correct, the photo of the former beauty queen is shocking, she looks like your typical crackhead skeleton or an anorexic twit like Lindsay Lohan.

Even the most diehard Palin fans would now have to conclude that the former half-term governor of Alaska is, and always has been, a bimbo celeb.

Palin reportedly lost about 30 pounds, because she is writing a fitness book. If only the Fox News bimbo had demonstrated such dedication and drive as McCain`s running mate. But homegirl just winged it; she knew that her future was in Tinseltown not Washington.

It won`t be long before Palin will tweet lingerie pics, and have a couple of wardrobe malfunctions.

Palin, I liked you better when you had a little bit more bounce to the ounce, ain`t nobody gonna be bouncing off that skeleton.

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