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Published:October 11th, 2012 14:00 EST
Six Books Help Children Deal with Bullying

Six Books Help Children Deal with Bullying

By SOP newswire2

Few children escape the sting and embarrassment of being bullied.  Bullying can lead to an increase in suicides 2 " 9 times higher than non bullying victims.  Since the violence associated with bullying is increasing something has to be done. A step in the right direction is for the month of October to be designated as National Bullying Prevention Month. It`s important that parents assist their children in understanding, coping with, and even overcoming the harm of bullying.  One way parents can do this is by encouraging their children to read about others who may feel like an outsider, unique or different from their peers.


Creative House Press in its continued effort to inspire the world has published this year six books that help children learn about being different, being accepted and how others have overcome being bullied.


It`s Tough Growing Up is a collection of stories by a variety of people who overcame the stigma of being bullied and how they grew to be prosperous.  One story is written by a person who did the bullying when they were in school.  It gives a unique perspective of why one does the bullying.


Herbert the Hedgehog is a wonderful story of how a family member knows and feels that he is different and how the love of their family shows him that he is still part of the family, no matter how different he feels. 


Family of with Many Colors is another children`s story that shows how mixed relationships exist and can be accepting within their own family and through the community.


The Boy Who Hated Being Black is a great story of accepting oneself as they are.  The old adage of "Be careful what you wish for," comes true for this young man.  It is through growth and understanding he realizes that he is perfect the way he is.


Zero the Hero shows how through education one can break down the barriers that separate people.  Through learning that by being true to oneself, people can accept you for who you are and not what stereotypes claim you to be.


When Bad Gossip Goes Good is a fun Halloween story that teaches children what can happen when they spread gossip.  How it can affect people in a negative way and how to change that effect by finding out what the truth is.


All of these great stories of inspiration and education can be purchased at any book store or directly from the publisher at