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Published:October 12th, 2012 11:02 EST

Dude Using Propane Torch To Cook Squirrel Starts Apartment Fire

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Authorities in Michigan said an apartment complex fire was started by a resident who was attempting to use a propane torch to prepare a squirrel for eating.

Holland Township Fire Chief Jim Kohsel said a resident was on a third floor deck at Clearview apartments using a propane torch to remove the fur from a dead squirrel the resident intended to eat when the deck caught fire."



One of the worst aspects about living in an apartment complex is that you have no idea who is living in your building. The dude in the unit next to yours might have a meth lab in his kitchen, the guy across the hall might be a pyromaniac, and the friendly lady at the end of the hall with a constant stream of male visitor probably isn`t selling Tupperware.

But you don`t really expect a hillbilly living in your apartment with a penchant for eating roadkill. It`s a miracle this jerk, whose name wasn`t released, didn`t burn down the entire apartment building. Although the flames destroyed eight units and severely damaged 32 others.

This moron should never again be allowed to live in an apartment, he should be locked up in a jail cell or forced to live in the woods.

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