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Published:October 15th, 2012 15:02 EST
Comic Video, 'The New Uncle Tom' -  Samuel L. Jackson and Abortion

Comic Video, 'The New Uncle Tom' - Samuel L. Jackson and Abortion

By SOP newswire2

Recently, Hollywood heavy-hitter Samuel L. Jackson released a get-out-the-vote Dr. Suess styled video entitled "Wake the F*** Up." (See Jackson`s unedited video at

In his poetic video, Jackson demonstrates, with deadly-seriousness, his support for Obama, his child-killing agenda, and Planned Parenthood, the nation`s largest child killer.

Jackson`s performance inspired Mr. Terry`s video response, played by a character, Sir Reginald Bling.

In his response, Mr. Terry (on the ballot in FL for U.S. House, District 20) employs numerous quotes from Jackson`s big-screen characters, weaving them into the theme of Jackson`s support of Planned Parenthood.

Here is a sample of the lines from Mr. Terry`s comic video "The New Uncle Tom."

When it`s time for the work of the Ku Klux Klan
Samuel L Jackson, uh-huh he`s the man.

Unfortunate accidents that he will repeat
To kill black babies, `for they`re crack heads in the street.

And he`ll step and he`ll fetch you those voters, so stay calm
Just hold on to your bottoms, here come Uncle Tom.

Who do racists at Planned Parenthood turn to call on?
Samuel L Jackson, the new Uncle Tom

Mr. Terry states:

"Samuel L. Jackson extolls Planned Parenthood - whose founder Margaret Sanger, was a racist and White Supremacist who wanted to kill black babies. She called blacks `human weeds.`

"By endorsing Planned Parenthood, Jackson is advocating the eradication of his own race. This should offend Black Americans! And no matter how many Liberal Black American leaders repeatedly mock pro-life, conservative black leaders, calling them "Uncle Toms," they can`t change the truth: Just like Uncle Tom did in the famous book, Uncle Tom`s Cabin, Mr. Jackson is a faithful slave of the status quo. He`s doing what the man wants him to do."

See comedy video at:

Paid for by Randall Terry For U.S. House Campaign Committee

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