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Published:October 16th, 2012 12:48 EST

Insanity Prevails In South Africa

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police in South Africa said they pulled over a preschool teacher (Melanie Minnie) who was found to have crammed 19 kids into her car for a trip to a shopping center.

Police said three children were in the front seat, 10 were in the backseat and six were found riding in the boot of the car. It was unclear whether any of the children were wearing seatbelts.

Minnie was fined about $160 for overloading her car."


This crazy teacher was fined $160 for overloading her car, as if her only crime was having too much cargo. What about being fined for every child that wasn`t wearing a seat belt, and prison time for putting her young charges through such a terrifying ordeal?

I wonder if the moron cops in South Africa charge a couple who have sex on the rooftop of their car in broad daylight only a $10 fine for littering for throwing away the condom in the gutter.

South Africa is a failed nation, AIDS, crime and corruption run rampant, and insanity prevails. Don`t even think about vacationing in this hellhole.

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