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Published:October 16th, 2012 07:49 EST
Jessica Ridgeway`s Killer MO Emerges; Is He One and the Same As The CANDY MAN?

Jessica Ridgeway`s Killer MO Emerges; Is He One and the Same As The CANDY MAN?

By John G. Kays

A furious search for Jessica Ridgeway`s killer begins, with her remains positively identified through DNA, since the body had been dismembered, excluding dental records or fingerprints as a means of identification. This implies Jessica had been beheaded and that her hands were gone, when the perpetrator deposited a portion of her remains in an open field in Arvada, Colorado. Her surrounding neighborhood is petrified with fear, knowing Jessica`s killer probably lives amongst them.

If he`s one of their own, he is using every resource available to him to conceal his crime. Did he miss work or exhibit bizarre behavior on those days when Jessica went missing? That would be October 5th. What is his occupation? Is he a loner or is he sociable and active in the community? Does he have outstanding priors that would send a red-flag signal to law enforcement, or to friends and family, who are familiar with his MO, the types of deviant activities (by way of fantasies) he is prone to indulge himself in, however far-fetched or sick they may be.

Well, you get the picture! The entire Denver area is in the riveting, quivering pulse of panic and paranoia, where anybody can be a suspect, and where everybody is scrutinized (with a fine tooth comb) for any possible quirks in their daily life or routine, that would lead someone to believe this person is capable of stalking a 10-year-old child, abducting the child, killing the child, then cutting the body up and ritualistically depositing the remains in such a way as to heighten the gruesome act, bringing attention to the sick psychological make-up of an obviously exhibitionist predator.

He`s toying with the cops and actively courting the press to write about his deed. This is one of the cleverest and most deviant criminals I`ve seen in a very long time! While I agree with crime writers and criminal profilers who have stated this one is highly organized, I suspect he`s made some mistakes along the way, and it is possible to uncover what he`s done, even though he`s thorough and methodical, beyond the threshold of meticulous premeditation and exacting control (in the darkest skin of demonic enactment)!

That wasn`t necessarily helpful, but this new observation may be an improvement. Is Jessica Ridgeway`s killer the Candy Man, whose sketch has been widely circulated in the news? These suspicious incidents occurred on September 9th and September 12th, when young boys were lured with the cunning promise candy. The boys must have gotten a pretty good look at this man, to provide the police sketch artist with as good of a description as they have. We have the vehicle too, a blue sedan; surely someone in the community can identify this man, unless he`s a transient!

Really, the problem I`m having is connecting these earlier incidents, involving the Candy Man, with the identification of a white van, which was roving Jessica`s neighborhood during the approximate time and place she vanished, which must have been around that park called Chelsea, and just after 8:30 AM on October 5th. Well, did the Candy Man change vehicles from a blue sedan to a white van? We know our man is methodical and crafty, so this is a strong possibility. Or is the siting of the white van a fluke, conceivably an irrational rush of paranoia? Was this generic white van actually following these kids?

Or did they simply see the news, then restructure their memories to look like a scenario right out of Phantasm I or II, where that spook is chasing the two anti-heroes in a black hearse. Well, my friend, I`m just using this as example to point out a story can change around vastly, when a young person is trying to remember an incident against a community consummated with terror of a twisted predator running loose amongst them. Yet the question remains, is the Candy Man one and the same as Jessica`s real killer? Odds are likely, yes, I believe he is!