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Published:October 16th, 2012 12:13 EST

'Pepper Spray Princess' Famous For Attacking Teen With Jalapeno Pepper Spray

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Staten Island teenager has been charged with assault following an unusual attack involving homemade pepper spray.

`The Pepper Spray Princess,` as dubbed by the NYPD, allegedly fired her homemade concoction at the bus stop Wednesday morning, a few blocks from New Dorp High School.


Police said 16-year-old Princess Hall threw a spray bottle with pepper spray in it at a female classmate`s eyes."


The Pepper Spray Princess confessed to police: I mixed it up at home. I put in jalapeno peppers and some peppers in water.

There is information available online to make everything from a zip gun to a dirty bomb; I guess we should be grateful that the charming princess didn`t attack her classmate with a homemade bazooka.

The principals of every high school in Staten Island must demonstrate zero tolerance for jalapeno peppers; we simply can`t allow students to brazenly brandish jalapeno peppers.

Kids can be tricky, cafeteria monitors should watch out for students, those slices of jalapenos topped on nachos can easily be hurled at the eyes of an unsuspecting child.

We can`t allow even an image of a jalapeno pepper, if a student has a pic of a jalapeno pepper on his smartphone, the troublemaker should immediately be expelled from school.

This jalapeno incident is a hot and controversial subject; I can already hear some folks arguing that if jalapenos are outlawed only outlaws will have jalapenos.

I can imagine the presidential candidates weighing in on the issue.

Obama: Banning jalapeno peppers is racist; these spicy snacks are part of the heritage of Latino students.

Romney: A lot of jalapeno peppers are smuggled into our country, we should ban jalapeno peppers, and deport all jalapeno-loving illegal aliens.

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