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Published:October 16th, 2012 11:42 EST
Politicians Are Literally FULL of Crap!

Politicians Are Literally FULL of Crap!

By SOP newswire2

Just in time for you to cast your vote and your dog too. The Fort Worth, Texas based entrepreneurs or rather entre-manures at Therapoo fancy themselves as your Poolitical action committee with a new smear campaign so get ready for the mud slinging.

Feeling like their vote is never heard and wanting to do something about it and thinking most Americans are feeling the same way they created the patent pending Therapoo "dooty" bags. Dog poop bags with politicians faces on them.

Calling on all civic-minded people to help keep the environment clean and pick up after their pets. These bags are also therapeutic or as their name suggests the bags are Thera-poo-tic.

The bags are made of 100% biodegradable material so they won`t clog up landfills like politicians clog up Washington. These dirt bags will go away eventually unlike some of the people in D.C.. Get yours now ONLY $19.95 for 100 biodegradable bags! Available now on our website or Facebook links above. Tell your favorite pet store you want em!

AND if you are a politician with an upcoming campaign talk to us about a custom order with your opponent`s surly mug on our Poop bags. So put something else -besides our money- where their mouth is! Take matters into your own hands (with a little help from your dog) and get some satisfaction in the process. Oh, YES you just do it.... You`ll be relieved you did.

Not sure who you are going to vote for? Therapoo has other not so well liked people on their bags from celebrities to mean people like your ex-spouse and even your boss. Coming soon international figures, sports teams and talk show hosts....who dogs love to have picked up after them!

WHEN you know your VOTE is never heard
and everything is SO absurd
There`s vile discourse
but NO recours
e AND no one you care to endorse
Our doo-ty bags are due-ly FIT
To relieve you of your HISSY FIT
Grind their "mug" with...All your GRIT
(it feels sooo good - you must admit!)
Use our little "Mess kit"
We made it cause we give a...crap!

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