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Published:October 17th, 2012 12:29 EST
First Virtual Presidential Debate, We The People 'In Their Own Words'

First Virtual Presidential Debate, We The People 'In Their Own Words'

By SOP newswire2

Tea Party Express(tm), considered the largest and most successful political action committee within the Tea Party Movement, is the primary sponsor of the first "Virtual Presidential Debate" in American history, and the last Presidential debate before the November 6th election. The 1 hour exclusive TV Special, We The People Presidential Debate® - "In Their Own Words"(tm) will be aired as a webcast on October 23rd at 9PM Eastern at, and will also simulcast for viewing through ROKU Internet TV and smart phones. Organizers have indicated that several Cable TV Networks, whose names will be released in the days ahead, have shown interest in the program. [See the program trailer at]

Tea Party Express(tm) ( is no stranger to hosting historic political debates. In September 2011, Tea Party Express sponsored the Tea Party Republican Presidential Primary Debate with co-sponsor CNN. Tea Party Express rose to prominence in February 2009 when the Tea Party Movement was awakened by the famous Rick Santelli rant calling for a retro Tea Party movement that would redirect the country onto a path for a new prosperity. After eight national bus tours with over 400 rallies, the Tea Party Express(tm) has impacted elections.

"We are honored that the Tea Party Express(tm) has chosen to enthusiastically embrace this unique original programming," explains Executive Producer Clyde Fabretti. "With the highly respected brand and resources of Tea Party Express(tm) behind our work, we are able to deliver an absolutely exciting and first quality production."

This virtual debate, moderated by nationally syndicated radio talk show host and Fox News Contributor Mike Gallagher, was taped Friday (10/12) before an enthusiastic live studio audience at the University of North Florida. With all of the visuals, excitement and pageantry of a traditional Presidential Debate, this first Virtual Presidential Debate earned rave reviews, as they watched the candidates images positioned vertically on large plasma TV screens behind their podium. An array of public figures and the voting public asked questions not typically asked in traditional Presidential debates. Their answers came from historic videos "In Their Own Words"(tm) "Many of these clips are ones that the candidates would like us to forget," explains Fabretti.

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