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Published:October 17th, 2012 15:12 EST

Snooki's Baby Poops During His TV Debut, Meatball Doesn't Fall Far From Plate

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Snooki`s baby Lorenzo will make his television debut on MTV this week, it was confirmed today (Wednesday). During his big appearance - to air this Thursday following Jersey Shore Season 6 Episode 5 - Lorenzo is either really nervous or really comfortable being in front of the camera.  `Oh my God, he just sh*t on my leg. He`s so cool,` the first time mom says while showing off her baby at home for the cameras."



The meatball doesn`t fall far from the plate, in other words baby Lorenzo is just like his lovely mother. Snooki is infamous for belching and vomiting on camera, it`s no surprise that Lorenzo pooped on his television debut. The baby guido has a bright future in reality TV.

Maybe I`m Lorenzo`s baby daddy; I think he`s taken after this pop culture critic. Lorenzo`s poop was no accident; he was making a critical commentary on the crap that passes for programming on MTV.

I should sue for custody of baby Lorenzo; under my tutelage he could peck away at the keyboard and write better crap than yours truly.

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