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Published:October 18th, 2012 12:13 EST
Bishop Jackson Avoids STAND's "EXODUS NOW" MOVEMENT

Bishop Jackson Avoids STAND's "EXODUS NOW" MOVEMENT

By SOP newswire2

Bishop Jackson has studiously avoided involving STAND`s "EXODUS NOW" MOVEMENT in explicit endorsement of Mitt Romney or opposition to Barack Obama. Speculation is growing however, that his movement could have a significant impact on the election as black Christians respond to his call to EXODUS NOW from the Democratic Party, and not vote for their candidates because the Party is in "rank rebellion against God."

He has called the Democratic Party "anti-Christian, anti-God, anti-Bible, anti-family and anti-life." "The response has been overwhelmingly positive among Christians, black and white," says the Bishop. He has received emails from black ministers all over the country indicating that they will not vote for the Democratic ticket because the Party has deeply offended them, particularly by making "same-sex marriage" part of its Platform.

There is growing consensus among black church members that their Christianity will prevent them from voting for the first black President a second time. Most have not decided to vote for Mitt Romney and may stay home on election day. Some black Pastors have gone so far as to tell their members that it would be a "sin" to vote for Mr. Obama. Under the aegis of STAND, Jackson does not mention any specific candidates, but agrees that it is a "sin" to vote for anyone who opposes Christian values.

"I have been pleasantly surprised at the expressions of support coming from many black pastors and church members," says the Bishop. "I have spoken in numerous black churches and been interviewed on a variety of black media. Most agree the statements and policies of the Democratic Party and the Obama administration is blatantly anti-Christian."

STAND begins radio advertising this week to take the message to gospel and Christian radio stations. Spots will air in Virginia, Jackson`s home, and several other states. "Let there be no mistake," says Jackson, "the upcoming election provides a context, but not the purpose. We have plans beyond any election. This is about saving a generation and a nation."

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E.W Jackson is a Bishop, Marine Corps Veteran, Harvard Law graduate, former practicing Attorney and Adjunct Professor of Law, former candidate for U.S. Senate and Founder and President of STAND.

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