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Published:October 18th, 2012 10:39 EST

Does Zoo's Halloween Decorations Look Like Blacks Hanging From Trees?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The St. Louis Zoo says it`s a Halloween display of ghosts hanging from trees, but some call it offensive. A viewer wrote to News 4 saying the exhibit looks more like lynchings.


 `It was like a complete outrage to me, it was very hurtful,` said Chris Burchett, a zoo patron.  `The picture appeared to be black people hanging from a rope.`"


I`m not surprised that the St. Louis Zoo management gave in to politically-correct tomfoolery, and took down the ghostly decorations. The zoo officials are as spineless as the ghosts hanging from the trees.

If anything the ghosts look like KKK members hanging from trees, you`d think that would bring a smile to Burchett.

The faces of the ghosts were painted black not to represent blacks, but as an attempt to depict faceless apparitions.

Ghosts don`t usually walk the streets like regular persons, they have a tendency to hover, and that`s why they are hanging from tree.

It`s Halloween for God`s sake, lighten up people and have some fun.

Pic of ghosts hanging from trees:     

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