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Published:October 19th, 2012 15:44 EST
Free Speech: Samuel L. Jackson Releases Video for Barack Obama

Free Speech: Samuel L. Jackson Releases Video for Barack Obama

By SOP newswire2

"Mr. Jackson`s threats seek to squelch free speech and political discourse. Evidently, the Hollywood elite want free speech for themselves, but no-one else." -- Randall Terry

Samuel L. Jackson released a video for Barack Obama called "Wake the F*** Up."

In response, Terry for President released a TV ad that has already run on over 100 TV stations entitled: "Jackson Carries Water for Racists."

In addition, Mr. Terry released a faux-Dr. Seuss rhyme in a video aimed at Mr. Jackson entitled, "The New Uncle Tom."

The original Samuel. L. Jackson story broke in The Weekly Standard by a senior writer, Matt Labash.

See article at:

The TV ad and comedy video can be seen at:

While actors Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman, John Cho, Kal Penn, Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington, and others frequent the airwaves on behalf of Obama -- there appears to be a double standard as to who is allowed to express their opinion. On Tuesday, October 16, Mr. Jackson`s law firm, Wolf, Rifkin, Shapiro, Schulman & Rabkin, LLP, sent a letter threatening a lawsuit against any TV stations that run the ad, as well as threatening legal action against Mr. Terry. They demand that stations cease airing Mr. Terry`s ad immediately or they will sue the TV stations and Mr. Terry for defamation and slander. In the letter, Jackson`s attorneys claim:

    "The Commercial states that Samuel L. Jackson associates himself with persons and organizations who advocate that "Blacks are human weeds" and want "to abort Black babies" and "sterilize Black men and women" and advocate "Black genocide." All such statements are false, defamatory and outrageous.

    "The use of Mr. Jackson`s name and image to advocate the highly offensive statements in the Commercial, namely that he supposedly advocates "Black genocide," and the other such outrageous positions discussed above, has caused Mr. Jackson to suffer substantial emotional distress. " "

    "Moreover, Mr. Jackson has incurred substantial damages to his goodwill and future publicity value in connection with the Commercial.

    "Moreover, Randall Terry maintains a website at the domain name where he refers to Mr. Jackson as "Uncle Tom" and expressly states about him: `Mr. Jackson is advocating the eradication of his own race.`

    "Mr. Jackson may seek substantial monetary damages, including punitive damages, for this violation."
Mr. Terry states:
    "We are confused, amused, and saddened by the threats from Mr. Jackson. The stations are protected by FCC law from any legal action for ANY political campaign ad that runs on their stations. And I am protected by the first amendment -- not to mention the truth.

    "Will not be bullied or intimidated by Mr. Jackson`s threats, nor will we stop running the ad. Shame on Mr. Jackson for trying to silence political dissent."
The TV ad and comedy video can be seen at:

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