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Published:October 19th, 2012 12:53 EST
Guns, God and Gold Issues

Guns, God and Gold Issues

By SOP newswire2

"On guns, God and gold issues, Mitt Romney was the clear victor over President Obama during the October 16 debate," John Snyder of Telum Associates explains here. (

"If there was any doubt in anyone`s mind as to who is the superior candidate on Second Amendment issues, the debate surely clarified that," Snyder said.

"The same is true with regard to matters of religious conscience and economic matters," he added. (

Snyder noted that, "In the October 16 debate, it was evident Obama wants to impose again on law-abiding Americans the failed Clinton era ban on semiautomatic firearms and that Romney does not."

Snyder noted further, "Romney called attention to the Obama administration Fast and Furious international gun trafficking scandal. This has included the murder of decent citizens, including American law enforcement personnel, by Mexican drug cartels with guns obtained illegally with the connivance of American government officials."

"In the debate," Snyder said, "Romney expressed clearly his faith in and reliance on Almighty God in his life. This is especially significant now. Obama has tried to use government power to tyrannize religionists, especially Catholics. Obama is trying to force citizens to act contrary to the demands of conscience regarding such matters as payment for abortion-inducing drugs."

"In economic matters," Snyder stated, "Romney has it all over Obama. Obama`s policies have weakened American business and increased poverty. He`s a proven loser. Romney on the other hand is a proven winner. He`s demonstrated he can manage successfully the finances of self, family, business and state. If the United States is to get out of its current economic mess, it has to dump Obama and hire Romney as its CEO."

Snyder said, "It`s time to cast Obama out of office, to say bye-bye to Biden, and to rock and roll with the Romney-Ryan ticket." 

Source:  Christian Newswire