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Published:October 20th, 2012 10:29 EST

Outrage: Evil Seattle Elementary School Principal Bans Halloween

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lafayette Elementary School has decided to not allow students to dress up in costume for Halloween this year. And there is still some discrepancy between parents and the administration as to why the ban has been implemented this fall."



Flaming Hot Cheetos, sodas and many other goodies have been banned from schools, and now this elementary school in Seattle is banning Halloween. Childhood should be about having fun, not about bowing to the gods of political correctness.

There is no consensus between parents and the school administration as to why the ban was implemented.

One of the reasons that has been floating around is that Halloween was banned because students who come from other cultures may be offended. It is the civic responsibility of students from other cultures to assimilate and embrace American traditions. Anyway, only a heathen or a commie would take offense at a kid dressed up like Honey Boo Boo Child, a witch, or a goblin.

Some bleeding heart liberals argue that Halloween should be banned for the sake of children from lower income households who can`t afford to buy costumes. That problem would be solved if kind folks donated old sheets and industrial size garbage bags, so that the financially-disadvantaged kids could dress up like ghosts and evil garbage bags.

Lafayette`s principal, Shauna Heath, argues that since Halloween falls this year on a half day of school, there is no time for frivolity.

There should always be time for fun in a kid`s life. If it were up to me I would fire the principal and replace her with an educator with common sense. An intelligent principal would let the kids dress up for Halloween, and he would hand them 32-ounce sodas, Flaming Hot Cheetos, and deep-fried Twinkies.

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