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Published:October 23rd, 2012 17:31 EST

List III: Guesses About Trump's Bombshell News About Obama

By Robert Paul Reyes

Real estate mogul and reality star, Donald Trump, announced on Monday that he will be making a bombshell announcement on Wednesday about Obama.

When you announce that you will make an announcement, you can be sure that the announcement will be earthshattering, or maybe not.


This is my first Top Ten List of guesses as to what this bombshell announcement is all about:

This is my second Top Ten List:

Here`s my final list:

*Obama plans on watching election results camped out on Donald Trump`s hair.

*Obama is the father of Snooki`s baby.

*Obama is an alien, not an illegal alien from Kenya, an extraterrestrial alien from Uranus.

*The President wanted to replace Joe Biden with Eva Longoria, but Michelle nixed that idea.

*Obama almost shot Joe Biden, because he kept pestering him to teach him how to dance "The Dougie."

*Trump has video of Nicki Minaj and Obama embracing and flashing Illuminati signs.

*Obama will appear on the next edition of "Celebrity Apprentice."

*Trump won`t explicitly declare that Obama still smokes weed, but he will publish photos of a glassy-eyed Obama wearing a Cypress Hill T-Shirt, and smoking a funny-looking cigarette.

*Obama has a penchant for uttering Honey Boo Boo phrases like "You`d Betta Redneckognize" around the White House.

*Candy Crowley is pregnant with Obama`s love child.

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