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Published:October 24th, 2012 13:25 EST

Survey Says:Voters Pick Obama Over Romney For Burger Buddy

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Denver fast food chain Smashburger said its poll indicates U.S. adults would rather have a burger with President Barack Obama than Mitt Romney.

The survey also asked respondents with which former president they would most like to enjoy a burger and 22 percent chose Bill Clinton while 15 percent picked Abraham Lincoln."


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I`d rather have a burger with Mitt Romney than Barack Obama. The former Governor of Massachusetts might eat a burger with a knife and fork, but the President has been so henpecked by his wife that he would probably order a burger with no condiments. Who the hell wants to have a hamburger with a wimp who is afraid what the tasty meal will do to his waistline?

I would definitely enjoy eating a burger with Bill Clinton, the former President wouldn`t be afraid to let the hamburger grease and ketchup dribble down his chin.

As for Lincoln, I`d be afraid that a stray bullet would hit me if I dined with him.

Obama would do better with male voters, if he manned up, and made a campaign stop at Burger King and ordered a Big Whopper, supersized fries, and a 32-ounce soda.

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