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Published:October 25th, 2012 09:38 EST

Stop The Insanity: Dude Steals Money On The Way Out Of Jail!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Santa Fe County prisoner took $80 that had been left out on a jail counter as he was being released, headed to Blake`s Lotaburger for some local cuisine and then stopped at another county office where he was promptly arrested for the jail counter theft, police reported."


ABQ Journal

We can safely deduce that Frank Rodriguez-Tapia, 20, has not been rehabilitated.

I have never had an interaction with the criminal justice system, but if I made a mistake and landed in jail, on my way out the only thing on my mind would be walking the straight and narrow path.

Rodriquez-Tapia was back in the hoosegow four hours after his release, charged with probation violation and two counts of failure to comply.

The jailbird spent $13 at Lotaburger; dude must have been real hungry. No more Lotaburgers for this loser for a while, it`s back to jail grub.

The next time this moron is released from jail, the correctional officers shouldn`t remove his handcuffs until he is outside the jail.

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