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Published:October 27th, 2012 12:04 EST
Catholics Called to Witness (CC2W) Endorses Florida Amendments 6 & 8

Catholics Called to Witness (CC2W) Endorses Florida Amendments 6 & 8

By SOP newswire2

Catholics Called to Witness ( makers of the "Test of Fire" ( video incorporated last year to protect the non-negotiable issues of life from conception to natural death, traditional marriage, the right of parents to raise and educate their children, and religious freedom. There are several important state-level elections on these issues. In Florida, home turf for CC2W, are Amendments 6 and 8. Both need at least 60% of the vote to amend the state constitution.

Amendment 6 allows legislation requiring parental consent for abortions involving minors, and prohibits use of public funds for abortion, aligning Florida law with federal law.

"CC2W endorses Amendment 6," said CC2W board member and spokesman, Juan P. Bauta II, Esq. "The Florida Constitution gives abortion more protection than the U.S. Constitution does. Amendment 6 will put abortion in Florida on the same footing as under the U.S. Constitution."

"Both amendments are critically important, not only to Hispanics in Florida, but also to all residents of the Sunshine state," said Manny Garcia-Tuñon, Miami Chapter President of Catholic Association of Latino Leaders.

"Florida has the opportunity to restore parental consent for an abortion involving a minor child," said former governor Jeb Bush, who encourages a "yes" vote on 6.

Amendment 8, the `Florida Religious Freedom Amendment,` would repeal the state`s ban on public dollars for religious funding. It states, "No individual or entity may be discriminated against or barred from receiving funding on the basis of religious identity or belief."

Bauta commented that, "Amendment 8 removes the `no-aid` provision and prohibits the exclusion of religious organizations, so we endorse a yes vote on 8."

U.S. Senator and former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, Marco Rubio stated, "These amendments promote life and liberty and I am proud to support them and strongly encourage Floridians to vote in favor of each."

Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami told Catholics that he urges support on 6 and 8 as they relate to life and religious freedom. "As Catholics, we have good counsel in our Church teachings on our civic responsibility to pursue the common voting as faith filled and faithful citizens, that is, in a way coherent to our Catholic beliefs and teachings." For more information, go to the Florida Catholic Conference website:

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