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Published:October 29th, 2012 11:50 EST

A Letter From a Wife to a Soldier Fighting Far Away From Home

By Syed Talal Hassan Bukhari

My Dear,    

While writing this letter, I am hearing scream of our children asking for you, and my mind is going to the bullets you are facing. In this situation, how could I say "How are you".

I remember those days when we were newly married, when you got commission in Army, and you returned home from base, I never asked this, because I when I used to see your smiling face, I knew everything is fine. Sorry darling, I know I had never been this romantic, but now I know the worth of your presence in my life.

Sorry I forgot to tell you, your elder son is fine and is promoted to grade four, yes he loves you so much, and every night before going to bed, he kisses your photo, and your new angel is now trying to walk, he crawls all over in home and specially behind the cat.

I do not want to tell you what is going on here right now, just I want to talk to you, it seems that we are still on table of that restaurant where we used to meet before marriage and rain drops are moving down on the glass window adjacent to our table. We used to laugh while holding each other`s hands. You know when you were here with me, I never thought like that, but this distance has made me realized many things. See, now your complaint is over, I am romantic again, just like before marriage. When you were with me, I always focused to take care of home and kids. But now your support is gone, and I am here alone, just cry out every night to see your photo, and hide my tears from our kids. Mom has to tell them to be strong. I know.

Everything is going fine, I can manage buying grocery alone. See I am brave. I teach our kids and our home is well managed. I take kids on outing at weekend, and YES, I drive well now. I can even drive to war place to get you back.

Tell me how are you? What about war?  When will all this end? Is there any end? When you were not gone, I never hate anything, but now I have learned to hate, to hate WAR. I don`t want get killed someone by your hands and neither you by someone`s hands. You promised me to wear bullet proof jacket, do wear it?, your nation needs you, your kids need you, I need you. How is that bruise on your right hand? Are you treating it well? How about your eating routine, please eat timely, or you will be weak, I know you are a soldier, but I have a heart that beats for you, these are that heart`s words. How are your fellows? Are they well? Are they safe? Every day and every night I pray for you all.

I know I want to keep writing, but I would not, because I want to see you strong, may be my words are melting, but I swear I want to see you strong, be strong, I am with you. Sending you love and prayers.

I will be yours forever, and promise me you will return. And never ever go away from me again.

I love you,

From: yours property, your wife