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Published:October 29th, 2012 17:40 EST
AgeSong: Senior Community Living that is Reestablishing the Role of Elders within Society

AgeSong: Senior Community Living that is Reestablishing the Role of Elders within Society

By Mimi Amaral

AgeSong embarks on restoring the belief that elders get better with age; through the lived experience elders have a lot to offer: wisdom, depth, wonder, mystery and beauty.  Nader Shabahangi, who is the founder and CEO of AgeSong stated that, "We get better with life and age " it means we deeply know something through having lived and deserve respect for hanging in there all those years instead of throwing in the towel that means a lot!"

AgeSong interns 2012The vision of AgeSong came to Shabahangi while watching his grandparents embrace life as they walked through the aging process.  At AgeSong the community aspires to embrace and foster an environment where elders may flourish and be accepted.  It is a residential care community that provides unique and specialized care for elders who live independently as well as assisted and secure dementia care [forgetfulness care as defined by AgeSong]. 

Nader Founder and CEO with StaffAdministrators, therapists, care-partners, student interns and staff members are caring individuals who believe in the AgeSong vision and who support treating elders with loving-kindness and respect.  Shabahangi expressed that, "Most of our administrators, care-partners, students and staff are deeply loving people, full of heart and kindness, who love to love and give to others." Not only does AgeSong offer a supportive, nurturing environment the community also offers group activities, gardening activities, music activities and outings.  Additionally, the community honors and respects cultural and religious views and activities. 

Currently, AgeSong is opening a Forget Me Not Café, which offers companionship and assistance during the day to families who want their elders to remain in the home at night. However, aspirations do not stop there; "AgeSong would like to implement their vision into other aging communities.  Shabahangi articulated his vision as helping other assisted living and care providers make the shift of looking at aging as a positive attribute, how such an attitude especially the non-pathological attitude toward forgetfulness, makes all the difference in how we care for each other and our elders."

If you`re interested in learning more about AgeSong, Shabahangi and the AgeSong vision please contact Nader Shabahangi at:; and/or view AgeSongs many web-links at:;;;

I leave you with a quote Shabahangi read by Oriah: " It doesn`t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive."