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Published:October 29th, 2012 14:33 EST

Halloween Horror: Company Pulls 'Sassy Squaw' Costume

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Incharacter of San Diego said it apologizes for marketing a children`s Halloween costume called  `Sassy Squaw` and is recalling it.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported Saturday the U.S. company yanked the costume, which featured a short animal hide dress, feather headband, beaded necklace and pink leggings.


An Incharacter representative said the company didn`t know the term  `squaw,` which is believed to be derived from the Algonquian word for woman, has come to be considered demeaning and offensive by many Indians."


Are you kidding me? Calling a Native American a "sassy squaw" is as offensive as calling an Hispanic a "sexy spic."

Before any product is given a label, it has to be vetted by the legal department, focus group tested, and approved by the big wigs in the sales/public relations department. It`s almost beyond belief that nobody in Incharacter spoke up and said: Hello! Don`t you think "Sassy Squaw"  is just a little bit racist?

Not to mention that your average Native American girl doesn`t wear a short animal hide dress and a feather headband, and pink leggings. OK, she might wear pink leggings.

It`s difficult to discern if it`s the UPI writer or the Incharacter representative who used the word "Indian" in reference to Native Americans. Hello! Calling a Native American an Indian is as offensive as calling an African American a negro.

Bottom line, Incharacter company is so clueless, that the only way to knock some sense into the managers is by boycotting their company.

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