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Published:October 30th, 2012 11:11 EST
Romney Needs to Mobilize his Followers

Romney Needs to Mobilize his Followers

By SOP newswire2

      Mitt Romney Reiterates He`d Cut FEMA, in Spite of Sandy`s Devastation!

FEMA has been a mainstay for safety, development, and disaster planning and information for decades. Mr. Romney`s comment to do away with it, is ill timed and seems to smack of opportunism, in light of one of the largest storms in history.

Rather than politicizing this, or trying to, Romney needs to mobilize his followers and see what they can do to help. In times of disaster, Americans hold hands, helping hands, and try to pull together.

I am a retired banker, and owner of several businesses, and frankly, am very disappointed in MItt Romney`s comments.

Ben B. Boothe
Boothe Companies