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Published:October 30th, 2012 11:21 EST

Thief Hides Grumpy The Gila Monster Under His Shirt

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Colorado pet store owner says a man who stole a $1,200 lizard by hiding it under his shirt may not know the animal is venomous.

Ron Beall, owner of Scales and Trails in Lakewood, said security cameras recorded a man entering the store Friday and taking Grumpy the Gila monster by hiding the reptile under his shirt."



Let`s pray that Grumpy the Gila monster is in grumpy mood, and that he will bite the dastardly dolt who stole him.

Grumpy is so expensive that the pet store owner should have alarmed his cage, or posted a pit bull to protect him from being stolen.

I can`t believe a lizard goes for over a thousand bucks; I have much more fun with my pooch that I adopted from the humane society. You can`t take a Gila monster for a walk, or train him to catch a Frisbee or a ball.

Grumpy might be grumpy because he`s not in good health, let`s hope the thief has a change of heart and returns the lizard.

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