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Published:October 31st, 2012 16:37 EST

Video! Joe Biden The Clown: I'm Going To Give You The Whole Load Today

By Robert Paul Reyes

"As they say in my business, I`m going to give you the whole load today. "

Joe Biden at a campaign stop in Sarasota, Florida

This is the same saying that`s popular in the televangelist business. I can imagine Benny Hinn whispering this saying to his cohorts as he surveys the multitudes waiting for him to preach. By which Hinn means he is going to give the faithful a double portion of the Holy Ghost topped off with a truckload of crap.


Politicians have the same mindset, they dish out so much manure it`s a wonder they don`t wear an oxygen mask while speaking to a crowd.

But usually a candidate won`t warn an audience, that he`s about to unload a truckload of dung. Joe isn`t stingy, I`m sure that throng in Florida stopped their ears and pinched their noses.

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