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Published:November 2nd, 2012 11:56 EST
FEMA Excavation Army Regional/Cross Country Deployment

FEMA Excavation Army Regional/Cross Country Deployment

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

I suggest that President Obama provide 5 to 10 million dollars to FEMA directors in each State so that they can purchase available surplus excavation and light dump trucks to hall sand and debris within the storm affected areas. 


State Governors can send out a request to every city/county within their state to quickly asses excavation and hauling equipment that they have available for surplus sales and for that equipment to be purchased by FEMA. 


Surplus excavation and hauling equipment can quickly be delivered to Regional State Rally Points where it can be loaded onto Semi-Truck Convoys and Rail Flat-beds to be shipped to New Jersey FEMA/Corp of Engineer Rally Points. 

(IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTE, makeshift Tie-Downs can be made from bent rebar, and short strands of chain welded to the ends " This will save time and money in locating enough chains to tie the equipment down).


I would also suggest that Cadre from the Army Corp of Engineers Fort Leonardwood, MObe deployed to the area under a FEMA mandate to assist with the training along with the local Core of Engineers, which will be very over tasked " A few hours of training on Backhoes, Front End Loaders, Bobcats and other excavation equipment is a must for those that will be using the equipment rail-headed and convoyed into New Jersey. Training on the use of light hauling equipment/Dump Trucks can also be done fairly quickly and nearly anyone with a drivers license can quickly learn how to drive a small dump truck and avoid danger. The short you tube videos below shows how a short course can go along way in training people onsite to operating loading and hauling equipment.

How to operate a Backhoe and Front End Loader



Safety operating a Front End Loader

How to operate a Dump Truck


Safety operating a Dump Truck  




I also suggest that the Core of Engineers quickly look at the Shore Line Erosion issues and where to deposit the sands as it is excavated and moved/returned to the sea shore.

Here is one example of professionals that have studied past storm sand deposits.  Obviously, the States have vast resources in this and can easily be accessed and bring professional oversight to the table with FEMA and the Core of Engineers to assess and point out where sand should excavated from and shipped and deposited to maximize the shoreline and to prevent future flooding problems. 

Thank you, and I hope my FEMA Excavation Army suggestion is used in a way that services the affected storm areas quickly and efficiently.