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Published:November 3rd, 2012 12:09 EST

Insanity! Aussie Schoolgirl, 10, Punished For Hugging Friend!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A school in WA`s South West has gained national attention after a Year 6 student was given detention for hugging her friend goodbye.

Amber Ablett, a student at Adam Road Primary School in Bunbury received the punishment because the school had a no-hugging policy in place.


Mother Heidi Rome said she was dumbfounded by the decision to reprimand her daughter`s actions which saw her receive a recess detention."


Does New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg moonlight as principal down under? Unfortunately politically-correct tomfoolery isn`t a problem only in America; there are anally-retentive individuals all over the world.

To give a 10-year-old student detention for hugging her friend boggles the mind. The school is giving the impression that displaying affection is wrong; what this world needs is love, sweet love.

The principal said the no-hugging policy was imposed after bruises resulted from overenthusiastic hugs. Say what? Even knocking boots rarely results in bruises; I hope the principal shares whatever she`s been smoking with me.

If a child is given detention for hugging, what will you do to a kid who punches a classmate? A couple of years in juvenile detention?

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