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Published:November 3rd, 2012 11:17 EST

Joe Biden Familiar With Honey Boo Boo Child! Joe Boo Boo Child?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"`Beyond Modern Family and Parks and Recreation, that`s about it, those are ones that I spend most of my time,` Biden said in an interview with Roxy Romeo on WMIA radio, a Miami radio station.  `I haven`t spent most of my time with pop culture that like my granddaughter talks about. Like Honey Boo Boo is not top on my list , but I am aware just you know by catching snippets on Air Force Two, quite a phenomenon. But, but I do try.`"



The 70-year-old career politician and the 7-year-old pop culture phenomenon both have a penchant for committing gaffes. The only difference is that when Honey Boo Boo makes a gaffe it`s so adorable that we want to hug her, but when Biden makes a gaffe it`s so cringe-worthy that we want to give him a good solid kick in his butt.

Honey Boo Boo recently endorsed "Marack Obama" for president, see what I mean?

The Vice President has made so many mistakes; he should be called Joe Boo Boo Child. And he should have his own catchphrase: You Betta Demneckognize I`m a fool!

Biden isn`t fooling anyone; I`m sure the only stations that he watches on Air Force Two are TLC and Nickelodeon.

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