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Published:November 3rd, 2012 11:24 EST
SOP Battle of  the Bands Featuring Keith Rankin's Giant Claw Project with 'Empire of Summer'

SOP Battle of the Bands Featuring Keith Rankin's Giant Claw Project with 'Empire of Summer'

By SOP newswire2

Mutant Glamour is the new full length LP from Keith Rankin`s Giant Claw project, a culmination of three years of steady musical output. The album has a variety of themes: mutation, fashion, freaky sex, trash culture, our weird alien bodies, and so on.

Musically it`s a sprawling, layered combination of improvisation and meticulous composition through editing, one that is deceptively seamless and of a whole. On the record you`ll also find wild atonal saxaphone, free jazz breakdowns, a lush ballad, and the insane sequences and arpeggios that one might expect from such a "synth act."

Except Mutant Glamour is much more than synthesizer music. It`s a restless document of clashing cultures and sounds expressed through electronics, flirting with a lot of traditions (dance, noise, jazz, prog rock) but never really settling on any one platform.

Previous praise for Giant Claw:

Giant Claw`s music is a voice of protest: against boredom, agaist malaise, against mediocrity. - Weed Temple

All you need is here, the new wave spunk and the shocking perms, the blinding rays of neon projected from the kitsch bazaars of a confused Europe, the clichés and signs that precede a DIY carnage materialised in shredded latex and ersatz blood concocted by Tom Savini`s amateurish disciples. - 20 Jazz Funk Greats

[Giant Claw] always seems to know how to combine sounds. His love for conceptual subtlety will sooner or later place him at the heart of the next artistic revolution. - Nuage Noir

More weird and wondrous than The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits and Twin Peaks being shown back to back for 90 days is Giant Claw ripping up the rule book. - Aerial Noise

Rankin likes to play with form and genre, so cut-and-pasting krautrock, house and free jazz improv isn`t out of the question here. - Sonic Masala

Giant Claw is on the right track as a revelation in the underground experimental scene today. - Felinno