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Published:November 4th, 2012 19:32 EST
Mr. Viguerie's call to Catholic Leaders

Mr. Viguerie's call to Catholic Leaders

By SOP newswire2

Catholic Leaders Afraid to Call Out Evil When They See It

It is remarkable how sure this writer is about pulpit restraint among many catholic leaders on issues like same-sex marriage.

The network of conversations that arises within attentive and active listening and will one day give us Chardin`s "noosphere", is not served well here. Mr. Viguerie does not have any curiosity around what his silent leaders` commitments are, only swingeing barbs of certainty that judge them all en masse.

I have no doubt as to his courage in speaking his own mind from within a love of his faith tradition. However a little less either/or polemic and rhetoric would enroll his community`s "silent" leadership in the worthiness of public discourse on such matters if the engine room of dialog rather than confrontation came back online as proposed by Vatican 2. But Vatican 2 itself is sidelined also these days.

So perhaps this plea will fall on deaf ears. There is a lot of deafness abroad these days. Gender issues in too much of today`s punditry winds up being ab-surd. By this I mean "commentary made from a position of deafness to what offends an ideologue`s non-negotiable positions."

Mr. Viguerie is rearranging ideological furniture on the fundamentalist Christian Titanic.

"Get thee sir to the `shipyard` of vessels for living that are now being engineered by ordinary people to weather the high seas of a leaderless society. A critical mass of de-institutionalised people today are done with being infantalised and owned by rudderless secular and sacred psuedo-leaders.

The new leadership is in people of informed conscienceLEADING Their Own LIVES. Take a look at organizations like Chaordic Commons and you`ll get some insight into your own `drift` into irrelevancy.

Gerald M FitzGerald