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Published:November 4th, 2012 09:38 EST
Operation Super Bowl and FEMA Should Team Up To Help Hurricane Sandy Victims

Operation Super Bowl and FEMA Should Team Up To Help Hurricane Sandy Victims

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

Operation Super Bowl  and The Providing of Tens of Thousands of Storm Affected People With Florida Resort Housing for The Next Couple of Months Until FEMA and First Responders Can Restore Utilities, Services and Order

Operation Super Bowl should come into affect to use the Local Stadiums or Airport as a FEMA Rally Points to organize food, clothing and housing (housing in the form of Military Installations, Apartment Complexes and Hotels with Vacancies.  Some rooms may of course be used by more than one person in the form of Hostels with several beds in one room. Apartments and Hotels in the region could FAX and/or EMAIL a FEMA representative at the FEMA Rally Point and let them know how many people that they can take in and for how long. )

The leasing of a number of Hotels in key evacuation regions will also be essential.  The leasing and/or charitable use of such facilities must be within reason as there will be losses due to the lack of travel.  Therefore, reasonable nightly rates should be discounted and tax breaks given to those that participate in portioned rooms provisions.  

FLORIDA RESORTS are having a very slow season for Vacationers leaving the option for tens of thousands of people to be railed to Florida.  Florida Resorts could accept tens of thousands of people over the next three month.  Some of which may be interested in participating in the leasing of a nice vacation for the following years.  If this plan is used 

I would suggest that Voucher funds be given for people to be able to eat/survive during that period.  Florida is quite organized in their ability to care and provide vouchers for people; therefore, shipping thousands of affected people to Florida and allowing FEMA to provide care, and the local transportation services to shuttle them to Resorts. 

As a Stress Relief, I would also suggest that Disney, Universal and Sea World provide free tickets to their Amusement parks and accept vouchers for food.  This will give American families the care and support they would need as well as a bit of relaxation from Hurricane Sandy, while FEMA and First Responders get busy doing their clean up operations. 

The Following is per the FEMA Facebook site verbatim: (Oct. 29)

The FEMA app is showing lots of open shelters along the East Coast for Hurricane Sandy. Download the FEMA app from the Google Play, iTunes, or Blackberry store and pack your phone with safety tips & resources.

You can also find open shelters by:

- Texting "Shelter" and a zip code to 43362 (example: Shelter 01234)...standard rates apply

- Visiting the American Red Cross shelter map

- Contacting your state or local emergency management office. Here`s a map where you can click on your state for info:

Thank you. I hope these thoughts add to solving the nearly 60 million people directly affected by Hurricane Sandy as well as the financial investors that will be affected.